Shopping Tour

IAC organizes a local shopping tour within walking distance of Katahira Campus for international researchers and their families. In this tour, we take you to a supermarket, pharmacy, souvenir shop, 100 yen shop, electronic and home appliances retail shops, or any other shops at your request. To join the tour, please fill out the request form and send it to IAC. 
You can also write your request such as “Where can I buy halal food?” “I need a solution for hard contact lenses, but I don't know where to find them.” or “I want to send my shoes for repair for the next conference. Where can I try?” We look forward to your participation!

Eligible Person

International researchers and their family


We might not be able to meet all of your requests by the number of participants and time limitation.

Date & Time
2022 (Please contact IAC directly)