Japanese Classes

IAC holds Japanese classes for international researchers and their families. 
We hope to give international researchers the following opportunities:

Please feel free to join our Japanese Class!

IAC Japanese Class "Cha-Chat J Salon"

★★IAC Japanese Class is scheduled to be held onsite on August 9, 2022★★

Next Class Information

Date/Time:August 9 (Tue.)  2022 / 16:00-17:00 p.m.
Place: 5th floor combination room, AIMR
Application deadline: August 2 (Tue.) 
Topic: Aren't you tired because of the summer heat?
【Culture】summer heat, summer fatigue
If you would like to join the class, please email IAC with the information of your name and affiliation.

IAC Japanese Class Schedule FY2022 (flyer)

IAC Japanese Class Schedule FY2022

Date Topics
4/19 (Tue.)

Never too late for Hanami! ー online ー

5/17 (Tue.) Travel ー online ー
6/14 (Tue.) Meet Up ー onsite ー
7/12 (Tue.) Let's study about Sendai Star Festival ー onsite ー
8/9 (Tue.) Aren't you tired because of the summer heat? ー onsite ー
9/13 (Tue.) What do you see in the full moon? ー TBA ー
10/11 (Tue.) Favourite things to do in Autumnー TBA ー
11/8 (Tue.) Calligraphy ー TBAー
12/13 (Tue.) What do you do in the new year? ー TBAー
1/7 (Tue.) What is "Donto-sai"? ー TBA ー
2/14 (Tue.) How do I write my name in Kanji? ー TBA ー
3/14 (Tue.) Expression of gratitudeー TBA ー

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