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3D Printer

Several 3D models made using a 3D printer are shown in this page. 3D structures are also visualized by webGL; click each structure. webGL is not supported for Internet Explorer. Please use another browser. For Safari, you need setting. See here how to set up. The STL files (standard format for 3D printer) are available. I cannot guarantee that they work at all the 3D printers, and there are no official support. Nevertheless if you have a problem with the files or suggestion to improve them, please let me know

There are several free STL viewer softwares ( The product version is required for modification of a STL file.). You could download from the following pages.
netfabb(Win, Mac, Linux)

MiniMagics 3.0 (Win, Japanese)

MoNoGon (Win Japanese)

Crystal Structure and mesophase

 body-centered cubic (view 3D image)
(STL file for 3D print)

 double gyroid (view 3D image)
(STL file for 3D print)

This structure is also regarded as a surface of constant mean curvature. See the following image and 3D image. (STL file for 3D print)

icosahedral quasicrystal (view 3D image)


   screw dislocation in a lamellar phase (view 3D image)




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