Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, this workshop has been cancelled.


Jammed matter is the name for dense disordered particles which behave as solids and liquids depending on situations. Indeed, they have various non-equilibrium phase transitions such as the jamming, glass, yielding transitions. Also recently, the existence of the shear jammed and the fragile phases attract much interest among researchers. Moreover, nonlinear rheology including the discontinuous shear thickening and the shear thinning plays important roles in jammed matter. Because most of jammed matter consists of rigid particles characterized by repulsive interactions, avalanches are also important under external forces. The physics of jammed matter can be regarded as a fundamental subject for the statistical physics, but it has a lot of applications in geophysics including earthquakes and planet sciences, chemical, mechanical and soil engineering. The purpose of this meeting is to invite expert of this field and seek an unified view on this problem.

Date and venue

The meeting will be held at Tohoku Forum for Creativity (TFC), Tohoku University, Japan from the 23rd to 25th of March, 2020. See the access to reach TFC, it takes about 15 min by walk from the Sendai train station.