Core research topics

The center has a range of various activities in the field of micro and nano technology. Micro and nano electro-mechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) have completely changed human society in the past decades. Many devices that are taken for granted these days like smart phones and modern car would be unthinkable without them. Our motivation for the research we are doing is to provide means to improve safety and comfort in a sustainable way. We target to work closely with partners from industry.  

Research Activities

Fraunhofer Project Center for MEMS/NEMS devices and manufacturing technologies

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Micro acoustic actuator

Currently availbale micro acoustic actuators have several limitations in regards to sound quality, energy effiency and complexity. By appling MEMS technolgy with electromagnetic actuation we aim to develop devices to overcome those shortcomings.


Material development for thermoelectric

power harvesting

To increase the effiency of energy harvesters based on the Seebeck effect we investigate the application of nano sized material modifications. 

Electrochemical deposition of magnetic


The aim of this work is the deposition of various magnetic alloys by non aqueous electrolytes to enable magnetic materials for MEMS batch fabrication processes. The focus points are acceptable deposition rates as well as good magnetic properties.

Solid Liquid Interdiffusion Bonding near

room temperature

There is a large demand for assembly technologies that are usable at temperatures near to room temperature. By using such technologies it is possible to create heterogenous systems with high reliability.