Research Support Center

AIMR brings together researchers from a wide range of research fields, including materials science, physics, chemistry, engineering, and mathematics. AIMR is engaged in conducting fundamental research for realizing new creations in materials science, and in discovering new and functional materials that can contribute to society. This kind of interdisciplinary research involves the formulation of challenging new themes. This in turn gives rise to the frequent occurrence of problems that cannot be resolved solely in the current research environments of the respective research laboratories. From this perspective, there is a need for AIMR to provide organization-wide support that researchers across the board can tap into, and to develop an environment that is capable of promoting the new themes in a timely manner. Furthermore, AIMR has set forth its mission to establish a research center that is open to the world, and AIMR is active in receiving foreign researchers to Japan on short-term research stints. It is therefore vital to obtain shared equipment and facilities so that these researchers can commence their research activities promptly upon arrival in Japan.

To that end, the Research Support Center provides technical and operational support for all researchers conducting research at AIMR, including foreign researchers on short-term research stints, so that the researchers can carry out their activities in a smooth and timely manner. A research environment comprising a Common Equipment Unit, Computation-Aid Unit, and Mathematics Collaboration Unit has been created, and a Researcher Support Office provides support to young researchers in improving their skills and in daily life. In addition to these efforts to enhance the efficiency of research activities, a system has also been developed to allow even researchers on short-term research stints to commence their research activities promptly upon arrival at AIMR.

Common Equipment Unit

The Common Equipment Unit was set up with the objective of creating an experiment environment that is centered on common equipment. The Unit is operated by a full-time technical coordinator (Assistant Professor Ryotaro Kumashiro), and provides support for researchers in areas pertaining to experimental devices, as well as the management and operation of AIMR common equipment.

Computation-Aid Unit

The Computation-Aid Unit provides common computation-aid infrastructure. It also offers consultation services on computation methods, and provides support for collaboration with external computational science communities. As part of the wide range of support services provided by the Unit, it also supports the development of new approaches to materials science.

Mathematics Collaboration Unit

The Mathematics Collaboration Unit provides information on various fields of mathematics for materials scientists, and provide support to initiate exchanges with mathematicians from outside AIMR. In particular, the Unit is central to active collaborative efforts with external mathematicians, such as the convention of joint seminars with Tohoku University’s Applied Mathematics Forum.

Researcher Support Office

Young researchers in particular are nurtured through presentation training and advice from senior mentors on writing academic papers. Administrative personnel, who serve as the point of contact for requests pertaining to administrative procedures, are also assigned to each research laboratory. They form a system that provides a one-stop service for all administrative procedures, in areas ranging from research to family life. In short, each researcher is able to feel secure in the thought that he or she will be able to obtain all the answers to administrative procedures from these administrative personnel. The environment that has been created allows researchers to focus on their research.