Emergency Response and Disaster Information

AIMR Fire Brigade and Emergency Contact Network

In the event of a disaster, AIMR will strive to respond swiftly through its in-house fire brigade and emergency contact network.
The organization structure and overview of the fire brigade, as well as the emergency contact network, are available for download through the following links.

Disaster Prevention Initiatives

Introduction of Emergency Earthquake Early Warning System

Tohoku University and AIMR are working toward the introduction of an Emergency Earthquake Early Warning System as part of its disaster countermeasures.
When you receive alerts from the Emergency Earthquake Early Warning System, please notify those around you, and take care to ensure your personal safety while responding to the situation around you without panicking.

Confirmation of Safety

Tohoku University has established in each department a system for confirming the safety of individuals in the event of a major earthquake.
Information on how to confirm your safety will be put up on the University's website during the event of an emergency. Please be sure to check this information.

In Preparation for Earthquakes and Fires

It is important for each individual to put effort into mitigating damage during a disaster. Please read the following information in preparation for an earthquake.

Links to Information on Disasters

Government agencies, etc.

Disaster Message Dialling and Message Board