AIMR Awarding System

AIMR Awarding System aims to give a Certificate of Achievement and extra prize for further enhancing cutting-edge research in their respective fields to the researchers who delivered great performance on their research that fulfills our purpose and received an award from outside organizations. (Guideline)
AIMR Award is given to the researchers working in AIMR at Sendai excluding PIs immediately when they won the prize from foreign and domestic research organizations, academic societies, academic journals, or administrative organizations, and Institute Director evaluates their work is worth awarding.In the case a researcher won a prize, he/she shall submit Notification of Award (Form 1) and the photocopy of the notice or the certificate of the award to the general affairs section at AIMR office.
The praiseworthy researchers are given a Certificate of Achievement and extra prize. The extra prize is the necessary expenses for the research activity such as travel expenses and expendable supplies.