Before returning to the home country

Checklist for necessary procedures

What are the necessary procedures at ward offices, banks, and post offices when leaving Japan?

At City/Ward Office

Make sure to bring your passport, residence card and Individual Number Card (My Number Card) when going to the city/ward office for the following procedures.

  • Submit a Moving-out Notification (Tenshutsu Todoke)
  • Confirm and pay any unpaid residence tax
    *Those receiving a salary from Tohoku University will have the unpaid residence tax deducted from their final salary as a lump-sum payment.
  • Report your withdrawal from the National Health Insurance System (Status of Residence: Cultural Activity, Highly-Skilled foreign Professional (i) (a) etc.,)
  • Return the National Health Insurance Card
  • Return the Individual Number Card (My Number Card)
    *After conducting the My Number annulment process at the ward office, the card will be returned to the owner. If you return to Japan, you will need the same number, so please be sure to keep the card safe.
  • Cancel Child Allowance at the Ward Office
At Bank/Post Office
  • Close the bank account
    *If you have registered for automatic utility deductions from your bank account, please be sure that all payments have been completed before you close them.
  • Submit Change of Address Notice at the Post Office.

What are the necessary procedures for moving out of a residence?

  • Give the landlord (management company) or real estate company one or two monthʼs notice in advance.
    *Please be aware that if you give a short notice, you may be charged rent for the following month.
  • Attend the final inspection with the landlord or the agent and make sure the final payment.
    *You need to make an appointment with the landlord or real estate company beforehand.
  • Cancel contracts for gas, electricity, water and pay balances.
    *If you inform the departure date in advance, you can settle cash on that day. If you forget to cancel contracts, you will be charged those basic fees.
  • Cleaning
  • Garbage disposal
    *Pay extreme attention when you dispose household appliances and large scale garbage.

What procedures are required by Tohoku University for retirement?

  • Return the Health Insurance Card
  • Return the ID Card
  • Return the laboratory's keys, etc.

Are there any other things to keep in mind when leaving Japan?

At your childrenʼs school
  • Make sure necessary procedure for withdrawal from your childrenʼs school/kindergarten/daycare.
Things around you
  • Cancel mobile phone contract and make sure the final payment.
  • Cancel internet service contract and make sure the final payment.
  • If you have other contracts or subscriptions, please make sure necessary procedures before departure. Ex.) Credit Card, Coop Card, etc.
At the Embarkation Airport
  • Return Residence Card to the immigration officer at the port of embarkation. Please be aware that failure to return the residence card may result in penalties.