For International Researchers


How to make international calls
(from the United States to Sendai)
e.g.: to call 022-200-XXXX
(011 : International call recognition number)-(81 : Japan's country code)-(22 : Drop the first zero from the local area code)-Telephone number of opponent
How to make international calls
(from Japan to the United States)
e.g.: to call 0212-xxxxxxxxxxx
(010 : International call recognition number)-(1 : United States's country code)-(212 : Drop the first zero from the local area code)-Telephone number of opponent

Country codes

  • United States (1)
  • Canada (1)
  • Mexico (52)
  • Brazil (55)
  • Peru (51)
  • United Kingdom (44)
  • France (33)
  • Italy (39)
  • Switzerland (41)
  • Germany (49)
  • Spain (34)
  • Russia (7)
  • Netherlands (31)
  • Austria (43)
  • Belgium (32)
  • Egypt (20)
  • Japan (81)
  • China (86)
  • Korea (82)
  • Hong Kong (852)
  • Taiwan (886)
  • Philippines (63)
  • Thailand (66)
  • Singapore (65)
  • Malaysia (60)
  • Indonesia (62)
  • India (91)
  • Australia (61)
  • New Zealand (64)
  • Guam (1)
  • Saipan (1)
  • Hawaii (1)

Access codes for international telephone companies

NTT Communications (0033); KDDI (001); Softbank Telecom (0061)

  • If you have not registered with your telephone company for international calls using Myline or Myline PLUS, enter the access code before entering the country code.

Public telephones: The number of public phones in Japan is decreasing due to the widespread use of mobile phones. Most public telephones do not allow international calls unless you have a prepaid card.

Mobile phones: The use of mobile phones is widespread Japan. Japanese mobile phones feature state-of-the-art functions and allow for such activities as watching TV over a wireless connection, shopping by scanning barcodes with the built-in camera, but please note that they are not compatible with handsets from overseas mobile phone carriers. The major mobile phone operators in Japan are Softbank, NTT DoCoMo and au. To subscribe to mobile phone services, including prepaid mobile phone services, visit your nearest shop with your ID, such as your Alien Registration Card, bank account number and personal seal. You must present these, pay a contract fee (about 3,000 yen) and pay the cost of the handset to get a mobile phone. Your credit card may be accepted both as your ID and method of payment.

Once subscribed, you will be required to pay the basic rate and call charges every month, a total that ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 yen. If you do not register your bank account or credit card number to pay the charge, you can take your bill to a bank, post office or convenience store and pay it over the counter.

Mobile phones can be rented, but cost at least 10,000 yen a month.
Go to your nearest mobile phone shop or home appliance retail store for both rental and purchase.

Toll-free numbers in Japan begin with 0120.
Other important numbers:
Police: 110
Fire department and ambulance: 119
Directory service (paid call): 104