Thangavel Kanagasekaran Ph.D.

Job Assistant Professor
Group Materials Physics Group
Laboratory K.Tanigaki Laboratory
Address Room 310, AIMR Main Building, Katahira Campus
(2-1-1, Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8577)
Tel 022-217-6173
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Research Interests

  • Organic Electronics
  • Light emitting Filed effect transistors
  • Growth of organic thin film and single crystals

Main Publication List

  • Studies on crystal growth, optical and electrical characterization of pure and Dy- doped Bismuth silicate single crystals., Journal of Crystal Growth, 338, (2012) 222-227, P. Mythili, T. Kanagasekaran, G. Bhagavannarayana, R. Gopalakrishnan
  • Studies on the growth, optical, thermal and mechanical properties of pure and o-nitroaniline doped Benzil crystals., Crystal Growth & Design, 8, (2008), 2335-2339, T.Kanagasekaran, P.Mythili, P.Srinivasan, Ahmad Y Nooraldeen, P.K.Palanisamy and R.Gopalakrishnan
  • Synthesis, Growth and characterization of Organic NLO N-Bromosuccinimide crystal., Materials Letters, 62 (2008), 2486?2489, T.Kanagasekaran, P.Mythili, P.Srinivasan, Shailesh.N.Sharma, and R.Gopalakrishnan
  • A highly efficient organic second-order nonlinear optical donor-acceptor l-Valinium picrate single crystals., Crystal Growth and Design 8, (2008), 2340?2345, P.Srinivasan, T.Kanagasekaran and R.Gopalakrishnan
  • Studies on the growth and Characterization of l-Asparaginium Picrate (LASP)- a novel Non linear Optical Crystal., Crystal Growth and Design, 6 (2006), 1663-1670, P.Srinivasan, T.Kanagasekaran, R.Gopalakrishnan, G.Bhagavannarayana and P.Ramasamy


  • Dr. D.S.Kothari Fellowship from UGC,India (2008)
  • Visiting Scientist:Korea Institute of science and technology,South Korea(2009)
  • JSPS Fellowship,Japan(2010-2012)