Akihiko Hirata Ph.D.

Job Associate Professor
Laboratory AIST-Tohoku University Mathematics for Advanced Materials - Open Innovation Laboratory (MathAM-OIL)
Address Room 3-2, AIMR Integration laboratory building, Katahira Campus
(2-1-1, Katahira, Aoba-ku ,Sendai 980-8577)
Tel 022-217-5990
E-Mail hirata@wpi-aimr.tohoku.ac.jp
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Research Interests

  • Structural study on complex crystals using TEM (1998-)
  • Structural study on glasses using TEM (2003-)

Main Publication List

  • Direct observation of local atomic order in a metallic glass, Nature Mater.10, (2011), 28-33, A. Hirata, P. F. Guan, T. Fujita, Y. Hirotsu, A. Inoue, A. R. Yavari, T. Sakurai, M. W. Chen.
  • Atomic structure of nanoclusters in oxide dispersion strengthened steels, Nature Mater. 10, (2011), 922-926, A. Hirata, T. Fujita, Y. R. Wen, J. H. Schneibel, C. T. Liu, M. W. Chen.
  • Nanoporous metal/oxide hybrid electrodes for electrochemical supercapacitors, Nature Nanotech., 6, (2011), 232-236, X. Y. Lang, A. Hirata, T. Fujita, M. W. Chen.
  • Characterization of oxide nanoprecipitates in an oxide dispersion strengthened 14YWT steel using aberration-corrected STEM, Acta Mater. 60, (2012), 5686-5696, A. Hirata, T. Fujita, C. T. Liu, M. W. Chen.
  • Nanoscale metastable state exhibiting pseudotenfold diffraction pattern in Fe-based bulk metallic glass, Phys. Rev. B 79, (2009), 020205R, A. Hirata, Y. Hirotsu, K. Amiya, and A. Inoue.


  • The Japan Institute of Metals Young Researcher Award (2005)
  • The Japanese Society of Microscopy Encouraging Prize (2012)