Opening of Usage of ultra high vacuum low temperature STM [Available only to faculty/staff members]


Opening of Usage of ultra high vacuum low temperature STM

On the apparatus:
The apparatus is an improved STM from USM1300 (UNISOK)
STM experiments can be done at 4K, at 7T; the capacity of liquid He is 100 liter

The usage should be done in concert with AIMR, though operation of the experiments should be done by the user.
Depending on the experiments PLD aparatus can be also used.
By requirement of user, we arrange support or collaboration by experts at AIMR.

Users should pay the cost of liquid He and expendable supplies as tip of STM.

After the usage period, the experiment will be evaluated.

Application of usage:
A letter of application should be submitted to Administrative Director by May 15, 2016, including Name(s), Affiliation(s) (Department, Institute), period of usage, brief description of experiments (a few lines), usage of PLD, request of support by experts and collaboration/cooperative study.

Any questions should be addressed to AIMR Administrative Director.


Administrative Director
Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University

E-MAIL : tsukada[at]