Ideal Human Resources sought by AIMR

People who can carve out a new form of materials science

Message from the Administrative Director
Masaru Tsukada
Specially Appointed Professor

AIMR uses an innovative atomic and molecular control method that is based on the fusion of physics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering, and which surpasses existing concepts. Through this method, AIMR aims to: (1) create new materials with outstanding functions that surpass those of existing materials, (2) establish innovative devices based on new substances and new principals, and (3) establish material systems focused on social contribution, such as contribution to energy resources and the Earth’s environment. From FY2012, AIMR researchers and staff have come together to create a new form of material science through collaboration with mathematics. We welcome people who support our philosophy, and who are able to communicate actively with researchers in other fields of research and promote ambitious research activities.

People who are able to jump right into a different field

Message from the Deputy Administrative Director
(for Research)
Associate Professor Susumu Ikeda

"We made a mistake and mixed reagents in completely different quantities;" "When I was talking to my colleague , I had an epiphany and applied it to my own research;" "I tried it out from the reverse perspective."—We often hear such explanations from scientists who made historical discoveries. I believe that clues to the birth of new research domains are often hidden in the non-regular parts of our lives, which we would typically not access. Nevertheless, it is difficult for all of us to escape from the preconceptions and stereotypes of existing fields that we already possess, and it is not easy to tackle research that is considered to have a high potential for failure based on common sense. I think that getting involved in exchange and discussions with researchers in different fields of research is one of the shortcuts to engaging our minds in thoughts that are not restricted by preconceptions and stereotypes. I have no doubt that new ideas can be born by studying the research of others through a completely different perspective; these are ideas that we would not even conceive of in discussions within our own fields of research. The deeper we jump into other fields, the greater that effect will be. (This is similar to the phenomenon that occurs when two atoms bond. Their atomic orbitals interact with each other to create entirely new, bonding and anti-bonding orbitals.) We could say that AIMR is currently like a treasure trove that is full of the seeds of new discovery, particularly with the addition of mathematicians to our organization. The human resources that AIMR seeks are researchers with a spirit of challenge, and a desire to dive into an environment where researchers from various fields are gathered in order to create a new form of science.