Recruitment of assistant professor or postdoctoral researcher (JST- CREST “Development of physical reservoir computing based on the dynamical systems theory "), Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University


We look for an assistant professor or a postdoctoral researcher to work on collaborations between mathematical science and machine learning. Successful applicant will be a member of the JST-CREST project “Development of physical reservoir computing based on the dynamical systems theory" (Project period: November 2020 to March 2026). The project studies machine learning, in particular a reservoir computing, from a view point of the dynamical systems theory.
The research topics of this job vacancy include
  • High performance neural networks based on the dynamical systems theory
  • Mathematical study of the evaluation of the performance of neural networks (in particular, a reservoir computing)


  • The AIMR official language is English. AIMR has supporting staff for researchers from abroad.
  • Applications from, or nomination of, women and minority candidates are encouraged. Tohoku University WPI-AIMR is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. See details at open in a new tab)

Recruitment information

Position Assistant professor or postdoctoral researcher
Job type, rank, number 1 person
Term Two years (until March 2023), renewable based on evaluation, up to the end of March 2026.
Starting date April 1, 2021, or the earliest possible date thereafter
Deadline for applications Deadline for receipt is 2020/Dec/18.
Research fields
  • Area: Mathematical and physical sciences
    Discipline: Mathematics
  • Area: Interdisciplinary science and engineering
    Discipline: Computational science
  • Applicants must have a PhD or related doctor’s degree.
  • Applicants must perform the mathematical study of machine learning as stated above.
  • Employment status: Full-time (non-tenured)
  • Work location: Tohoku district - Miyagi
  • Compensation: According to the rules of Tohoku University
Application materials
  • CV including current address, contact information, academic background, degree, work experience, etc.
  • Publications list (papers, books, lectures, awards, software, etc.)
  • Outline of research accomplishments (up to two pages)
  • Research plan (up to one page)
  • One or Two letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the E-mail address below
  • Copies of key papers, up to five papers
* All documents are used only for screening and they will not be returned.
How to apply Send application materials as PDF files by e-mail to


Prof. Hayato Chiba
Advanced Institute for Materials Research(AIMR) , Tohoku University