Recruitment of Assistant Professor or Postdoctoral Researcher
Y.P.Chen-Kumatani Lab, Materials Physics group
Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University

We look for an assistant professor or a postdoctoral researcher to work on quantum sensing in AIMR, Tohoku University. The person will be a member of Y.P.Chen-Kumatani Group which works on an interdisciplinary research field related quantum materials and their spintronics. The main research interest of this job vacancy is experimental quantum sensing using qubit-like systems (such as diamond NV centers, quantum dots, superconducting quantum devices) for applications to study quantum materials, spintronics, and fundamental physics (such as dark matter detection). The job is part of FRIDUO program at Tohoku (will open in a new tab) and may involve close collaboration with the research groups of Prof. T.Otsuka (semiconductor quantum dots and spin qubits) in RIEC and/or Prof. K.Inoue (high energy physics, neutrino physics, dark matter) in RCNS in Tohoku, and overseas labs at Purdue Univ.

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Recruitment information

Position Assistant Professor or Postdoctoral Research Associate
Y.P.Chen-Kumatani Group, Materials Physics group
Job type, rank, number 1 person
Term Renewed every year, can be extended up to four years
Starting date September 1, 2020 (negotiable)
Deadline for applications Monday, August 3, 2020
Research fields Quantum sensing
Qualifications Ph. D. degrees or related doctor’s degree; expertise in experimental research fabricating and measuring qubit-like devices (such as NV centers, quantum dots, superconductor qubits etc.)
  • Full time
  • Salary: Follow Tohoku University Regulation
Application materials
  • CV
  • Publications List
  • Research Statement (up to two pages)
  • One or Two letters of Recommendation to be sent directly to the E-mail address below
* All documents are used only for screening and they will not be returned.
How to apply Submit the application by e-mail (PDF)
Where to apply Prof. Yong P. Chen:
Prof. Akichika Kumatani:


Prof. Yong P. Chen and Prof. Akichika Kumatani
Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR) , Tohoku University