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Last updated: 11th August, 2014

RIMS International Conference:
Mathematical Challenge to a New Phase of Materials Science
as a part of
RIMS International Project Research 2014
Toward a New Fusion Research of Mathematics and Materials Science

Date: 4(Mon)-8(Fri) August, 2014
Venue: Masukawa Hall, Kyoto University, Japan

◊ This is a satellite conference of SEOUL ICM 2014

    The history of the development of materials is that of progress of mankind itself. Whenever mankind has discovered new materials, such as stone implements, earthenware, ironware, metals, ceramics, or polymeric materials, our society has changed drastically, and along with changes in our society, new values have been created. It is not an overstatement that the ultimate goal of materials science is realization of the dreams of mankind.
    In order to explore a new functional manifestation and structure formation in research aimed at creating new materials using different kinds of materials, greater emphasis than ever before will be placed on identifying principles common to different materials and correlations between structures, functions, and layers. To achieve this objective, a mathematical viewpoint is added to identify common principles behind all kinds of materials and all layers and to elucidate common mathematical principles, as well as eventually to establish a new path to "materials science research with a mathematical viewpoint." Here a variety of mathematical approaches are presented to explore such a path based on the following three principles: Non-Equilibrium Materials based on Mathematical Dynamical Systems, Topological Functional Materials, and Multi-scale Hierarchical Materials based on Discrete Geometric Analysis.