山本 嘉則

Executive Research Coordinator, WPI-AIMR (Advanced Institute for Materials Research), Tohoku University

Yoshinori YAMAMOTO

(Professor Emeritus)


1970 D. Sc. Osaka University
1970-1976 Assistant Osaka University
1970-1972 Postdoctoral fellow Purdue University (Prof. H. C. Brown)
1977-1985 Associate Professor Kyoto University
1986-2012 Professor Tohoku University
2012-present Professor Emeritus Tohoku University

Other Activities

1996-2003 Concurrent Professor
(Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials Tohoku University)
1997-2002 Visiting Professor
(Institute for Basic Organic Chemistry, Kyushu University)
1995-present Executive Board of Editors for Tetrahedron
Publications and Regional Editor of Tetrahedron Letters
1999-2001 President of International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry
1997-2002 Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Project Leader of Creative Scientific Research
"Convergent Processes and Materials"
2002-2007 Grants-in Aid for Scientific Research, Project Leader of Specially Promoted Research
"Development of Environmentally Benign Molecular Transformations using Lewis Acids and Transition Metal Catalysts"
2002-2007 21 Century COE Program of MEXT
Project Leader of "Giant Molecules and Complex Systems, Chemistry Group of Tohoku University"
2003-2004 Director, Instrumental Analysis Center for Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University
2004-2006 Director, Research and Analysis Center for Giant Molecules, Tohoku University
2006-2007 Vice-President of the Chemical Society of Japan
2006-2007 Vice-President, Tohoku University
2006-2008 Director, Fundamental Technology Center for Research and Education, Tohoku University
2007-2012 Director, WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research
2012-present Executive Research Coordinator, WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research


1976 The Award of the Chemical Society of Japan for Young Chemists (CSJ)
1996 The Award of the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ)
2002 Humboldt Research Award (Humboldt Foundation, Germany)
2006 Purple Ribbon Medal (The Cabinet)
2006 The Medal “In Memory of Professor A. N .Kost” (International Scientific Partnership Foundation, Russia)
2007 A. C. Cope Scholar Award (American Chemical Society)
2009 Centenary Prize (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK)
2015 The Orders of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon (The Cabinet)

Lectureship Awards

1992 H.C.Brown Lecturer (Purdue University, USA)
1996 The 1996 Hiroshi Hatanaka Lecturer(The International Society of Neutron Capture Therapy)
1999 Dortmunder-Gambrinus Lecturer(University of Dortmund, Germany)
2001 Oppolzer Lecturer (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
2004 The Novartis Lecturer in Organic Chemistry (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
2005 The Novartis Distinguished Lecturer (Colorado State University, USA)
2007 Lecturer and Visiting Professor at UCL (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium)

Fundamental Objectives of Yamamoto's laboratory

  • Let's create the reactions and concepts which will become milestone contributious in organic chemistry.
  • Let's pursue the research with scientist mission. We hope that the research done in our laboratories will contribute to prosperity of society.
  • Let's aim to make a leading synthetic laboratory in the world and together to enhance future prosperity of reseachers and students in the laboratory.