Recruitment of Specially Appointed Assistant Professor at the Mizukami Group, AIMR, Tohoku University

This specially appointed assistant professor position serves researches for material science in collaboration with Prof. S. Mizukami in WPI-AIMR. Successful applicant will be a member of the JST-CREST project “Development of magnetoresistive switching device materials using computational science”.


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Recruitment information

Position Specially Appointed Assistant Professor of WPI-AIMR in Tohoku University.
Job type, rank, number 1 or 2 person
Term Till the end of March, 2022. (Further extension until the end of March, 2023, depending on the continued funding and evaluation.)
Starting date 2021, Apr. 1st, or the earliest possible date thereafter
Deadline for applications End of March, 2021, or the openings will be closed earlier if the position is decided.
Research fields Spintronics materials and magnetoresistive devices
Qualifications Ph. D. degree in relevant area.
Experience of thin film deposition and characterization.
Treatment Salary: Annual income based on the regulation of Tohoku University.
Application materials
  • CV including current address, contact information, academic background, degree, work experience, etc.
  • Publications list (papers, books, lectures, awards, software, etc.)
  • Two references list including name, contact information, and e-mail
  • Copies of key papers, up to five papers
* All documents are used only for screening and they will not be returned.
How to apply The applications should be sent to the following contact address.


Prof. Shigemi Mizukami
Advanced Institute for Materials Research(AIMR) , Tohoku University

Web site: Mizukami Laboratory Website(will open new window)