Recruitment of assistant professor or postdoctoral researcher (Frontier Research in Duo Project "Multi-Sensory Flexible Skin"), AIMR, Tohoku University

Position Description (Option)

We look for an assistant professor or postdoctoral researcher to work on the research of new type of micro-size sensors based on magnetic materials using nano and micro fabrication technologies. The successful applicants will be a member of the Frontier Research in Duo Project “Multi-Sensory Flexible Skin”(will open in a new tab) Project of Tohoku University.
Research topics of this job vacancy include the following:
  • Utilizing the giant stress impedance effect to create thin films structures to measure strain, pressure, force and others.
  • Integrate various thin film sensor structures into skin like flexible, stretchable substrates.

Applicants are expected to contribute to this field by creating own ideas, as well as collaborating with other researchers.


  • The AIMR official language is English. AIMR has supporting staff for researchers from abroad.
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Recruitment information

Position Assistant professor or postdoctoral researcher
Job type, rank, number 1 person
Term The term is until March 31, 2022. The contract will not be renewed.
Starting date April 1st 2021 (negotiable)
Deadline for applications February 28th, 2021
Research fields
  • Area: Interdisciplinary science and engineering
    Discipline: Micro/Nano Science
  • Area: Engineering
    Discipline: Mechanical engineering
    Discipline: Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Candidate must have Ph.D. degree in Engineering, Physics, Materials Science or equivalent or must be expected to have Ph.D. before the starting date of appointment.
  • Expertise in at least one of these research areas:
    a) Micro and Nano fabrication technologies (MEMS)
    b) Magnetic materials and effects
  • Treatment: Full time (Non-tenured)
  • Salary: In accordance with the salary regulation of Tohoku University
  • Work location: Sendai
Application materials
  • CV including current address, contact information, academic background, degree, and work experience
  • Publications list (papers, books, lectures, awards, software, etc.)
  • Outline of research accomplishments (up to two pages)
  • One or two letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the E-mail address below
  • Copies of key papers (up to five papers)
* All documents are used only for screening and they will not be returned.
How to apply Send application materials as PDF files by e-mail to


Assoc. Prof. Joerg Froemel
Advanced Institute for Materials Research(AIMR) , Tohoku University